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Bishop Neville Copeland

Neville Romans Ethesberth Copeland was born to Hazel Mitchell and Raphael Copeland December 10, 1954 in Clarendon Jamaica, West Indies.
He was the second of three children. Hazel testified that she was amazed at his beauty and could only liken it to the beauty of baby Jesus.

When Hazel was blessed with the opportunity to come to the United States his Grandmother and Grandfather Antoinette and Esau Mitchell along with his beloved Aunt Violet gladly stepped in as his caretakers during this transition. Not long after, he joined his mother in the United States in 1972.

Here he attended Plainfield High School. In that era, people from the islands stuck together and formed a close knit group. He was bound to meet the lovely Angella Ebanks who had migrated from St. Elizabeth, Jamaica….And so he did. It was love at first sight, at least for Neville. Though Angella didn’t feel the same, in 1973 she finally gave in and the two courted.

They got married on September 24,1977 and have been in love ever since.
The couple was blessed with three children two daughters and one son ; Antoinette , Annmarie , and Neville Jr. Needless to say, Neville was a very stern and strict father.
He instilled the fear of God in his children, with very few words.
He taught them the value of service to the kingdom of God, respect for elders, and the necessity of a good education. No matter how high the grade he always would say “you couldn’t do better than that?”

Living by example, Neville continued his education attending the East coast school of Ministry in Maryland , shortly after the center for biblical leadership Institute school of practical and advanced studies in Cleveland, Tennessee.
He received his ministers license in 1998 from the International office of the church of god of prophecy in Cleveland Tennessee.

He became pastor of the Plainfield Glad Tidings church of God of Prophecy in 1996.
Under his leadership the church purchased their building and created a home of worship in 2005.
Pastor Neville Copeland was ordained Bishop in 2016 at the Church of God of prophecy international assembly in Orlando,Florida.


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